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What is Dashboard4Ewon

What is Dashboard4Ewon

The Highlights at a glance

Mobile Use

Use any end device you want. Smartphone, Tablet & desktop computer to open your visualization.

Easy to use

You don't need any programming knowledge. The designer is so easy to use! Just try it!

No Installation

You don't have to install any software. Using Windows, Mac & all other Operating systems.

Logo Upload

Personalize your dashboard with your or your customers logo!


Don't like the standard colour? No problem. Set your colour to your dashboard.

Language Manager

1 Dashboard - different languages. Your dashboard in many languages. You decide what to translate!

Ewon Alarm List

Using the Ewon Alarm feature? We display the Ewon alarm summary, but also the Ewon alarm History.

Set Values

Want to set a value to your Ewon/PLC? No problem. You just need the necessary user rights

Smart Widgtes

We convert your machine data into easy-to-undertand charts

Switch today from Ewon Standard
to a modern & clear visualization

Ewon Tag List View in Ewon Flexy Talk2M Visualization for Ewon from HMS Networks

I don't want to wait anymore!

How the Dasboard4Ewon idea works?

Dashboard4Ewon is a smart cloud visualization of local machine data, but exactly this machine data will not be transferred to any cloud. They will remain local. But of course, you can open your Dashboard via Talk2M, M2Web or directly via LAN connection.

Yes: We save your Dashboard files on our servers so that an update of any dashboard is easy as possible and done in seconds. Means: Once a dashboard visualization is uploaded to an Ewon device, you never have to touch that Ewon again, to update your dashboard.

We continuously develop the Dashboard Designer and always provide our users with the latest version.

No visualization software needs to be installed. The biggest advantage: no matter what operating system you use, you can use the Dashboard Designer for Ewon on any device with a browser.

The Dashboard Designer is the tool to create your Visualization for your Ewon.


Increase In Data Awareness


Average Time To Create A Dashboard


Average Number Of Widgets Per Dashboard

The 3 steps to a successful dashboard

The Dashboard4Ewon Designer is a web based solution available on all operating systems.
No Installation

One tool - always available

The Dashboard Designer is the key to creating stunning visualizations for your Ewon device. You will see: No training is required because our software is as easy as possible to use. 

Fully customizable

Adapts completely to your needs

Of course, we provide the framework, but within that framework, you call the shots. Customize titles, units, colors, value ranges… as you need it for your application.

With the Ewon Visualization you are able to configure each Ewon tag as you need.
While generating a Dashboard the serial number of the Ewon will be bounded to the dashboard code. Copying of a dashboard is not possible.
Where hardware meets software

Generate your personal dashboard in seconds

After creating your dashboard, we combine your visualization with the serial number of your Ewon device. Copying or theft of your visualization is impossible.

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Small investment – Big impact

FREEThe Trial Package


Per Ewon


  • 3 Widgets
  • 1 Groups
  • Read Widgets
  • Write Widgets
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • Standard Logo
  • Standard Color Style
Create Dashboard Now

SMARTThe Bestseller


Per EwonOne-Time-Payment

  • 12 Widgets
  • 2 Groups
  • Read Widgets
  • Write Widgets
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • Customer Logo
  • Standard Color Style
Buy Online Now Buy At Local Partner

ROCKETThe All-In-One Package


Per Ewon


  • 48 Widgets
  • 4 Groups
  • Read Widgets
  • Write Widgets
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • Customer Logo
  • Customer Color Style
Buy Online Now Buy At Local Partner

Find your local partner

To make it as easy as possible for your local Partner, it is best to ask for or order the following products:

  • SMART Dashboard: V_DSH1SMA01
  • ROCKET Dashboard: V_DSH1RCK01


Dashboard4Ewon Partner in Italien. EFA Automazione srl.

EFA Automazione SpA
Via Isola Guarnieri 13
20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)
Tel.: +39 02 92 11 31 80


Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestrasse 7
65366 Geisenheim
Tel.: +49 6722 996520


Shorrock Automation
56 Regency Drive, Route 21 Corporate Park
Centurion, Irene, Pretoria, 0157
Tel.: +27 12 450 0300


14 rue Edouard Petit
42000 Saint Etienne
Tel.: +33 04 77 92 03 56


980 Birmingham Rd. #721
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Tel: +1 678 880 6910


AIONA Automation GmbH
Hütteldorfer Strasse 299/ TOP 4
1140 Wien
Tel: +43 1 876 08 90


Komplek Meruya Garden
Blok M No.11, Meruya Utara, Kembangan
Jakarta 11620
Tel: +62 21 589 050 70


FOXON s.r.o.
Česká 615/25
463 12 Liberec 25
Česká republika
Te: +420 488 588 746

For all other countries you can contact us directly. We are always looking for world wide partners.

Still questions about vouchers, the FREE, SMART or ROCKET packages? Simply send us a message.


Can I use Dashboard4Ewon on my Ewon Cosy?

Unfortunately not at the moment. Only Ewon Flexy and the Ewon CD series can be used with Dashboard4Ewon.

What is a Dashboard Voucher and how can I get one?

For the FREE package you don’t need a Dashboard Voucher. For the SMART & ROCKET package you can use the Dashboard Voucher for a direct download of your created Dashboard4Ewon.

You can buy the Dashoard Voucher online or directly from on of your partner in your country. Just click here on Get it Now.

How to upload my Dashboard to my Ewon?

The easiest way is to download the file, unzip it and transfer the dashboard folder via FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) to your Ewon. You can also have a look here for a video tutorial.

I need to do an update to my existing dashboard. Do I have to pay again?

Absoluley no! Once you purchased a Dashboard for your Ewon serial number, you don’t have to pay for updates. The Dashboard license is valid for life time.

I need to do an update to my existing dashboard. How I can do that the best way?

It’s pretty simple. In the Dashboard Designer, open the Dashboard you created via the Dashboard Code (we store your Dashboard design on our server), modify your Dashboard the way you want and generate it again.
Important: You don’t need to transfer the generated files to your Ewon device again. We will update your dashboard on our server directly.

Just reload the dashboard visualization on your Ewon in the browser and you will have all updates immediately.

Yes we are here for you! Book a 20 minute meeting with our colleague Sascha.